Custom Coding

We can provide other software business applications, as well as HR.

RFI uses a talented pool of programmers to work on your request. Or we will help you form your design. Our business philosophy dictates that software conforms to your business, not the other way around. Why should you alter your successful business practices so you can use a software program? Especially one that you paid for?

It does not matter if you need or want a Windows application, a .NET based application, a web based application or combinations of all. Please contact us for more info, or to answer any questions. We are always help to help.

Featured Product

Fusion Human Resources

• Professional Licenses
• Pay Grades
• Policies
• Time Off Benefits
• Time Sheet Activity and Productivity
• Branches
• Custom Company Fields
• Compensation History
• Custom Employee Fields
• Job Categories
• Job Goal Setting
• Job History