About RADFusion International

RADFusion International, LLC was formed to provide HR Software and Custom Programming based on customers needs. All our products are written in the Clarion programming language, giving them speed and versatility, through efficient use of code templates.

Unlike many of our competitors software, Clarion allows developers to create software without the bloated code, which leads to slow speed and increased potential for error. The language is fully compliant with SQL and .NET standards, and RFI products can be tailored to fit these functions

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All the best,

Russ Eggen, Vice President, Research & Development
RADFusion International
TOLL FREE: (877) 318-5181

Whats in a Name?

    The name of the company comes from RAD, meaning "Rapid Application Development" and the word "fusion" meaning as many resources as needed to bring a project to its timely conclusion.

    RADFusion is an international company with clients and partners across the globe.