Fusion HR
Base Package

The BasePackage is for small businesses where a lot of features are not needed or wanted, and budgets
are tight. You may define Absences, Employee Contacts, Addresses, Relatives as well as the Employees themselves. Your initial order comes with a one year license included in the price, which you may renew each year for $2,799.

What does the license bring you?

All licenses have automatic web updates,and e-mail tech support. To get or
renew a license just visit our shopping cart and re-order. In the case of a
Base Package license, the cost is $2,799 per annum starting one year after purchase.

Here are some of the features included in the Base Package.


  • Employee information
  • Personal information
  • Pay Data

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Reasons to Buy

Fast to Install
Fusion HR uses an industry standard install program that quickly installs on any system, network ready if needed.
Easy to Use

On the fly Help and intuitive screens reduce the users  learning curve.

Custom or Vanilla

You can use the software direct off the shelf,or have it Customized as you wish.

Direct Tech Support

Phone  or e-mail for direct  contact with a live person in our USA office for Technical Support.

Network or Standalone

Run the software as a single user off one machine, or have an SQL configuration with multiple users.

Modular Upgrades

Add to your Fusion HR Software as your needs change, from our numerous modular and custom options.

XML Functionality

Using XML or CVS protocols, Fusion HR Software can export your data into other programs.

Small Deployment Disruption

Fusion HR Software can run concurrent alongside your old system, in Pilot format using your real data, until you are ready to deploy it.